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Radio Resistance (Chesterfield) is a left-wing radio cloudcast, an antidote to the right-wing propaganda of the mainstream (ie Establishment) broadcasters.
Programmes feature socialist info and music from left-wing recording artists.

News is approx 15 minutes into each broadcast, and is from Socialist Worker newspaper.

Red Guide features info on coming protests, demos, meetings, entertainment or other events of interest to left-wingers in the Chesterfield area.

Pick Of The Strikes features recent and coming strikes.

Direct Action features recent and coming protests and demonstrations.

Following programmes for download in mp3 format, to play on your mp3 player, mobile phone etc on the move

Latest broadcast
26th May, 2017

This week's broadcast has reports on:
- Manchester suicide bombing atrocity
- Why we must not let Tories off the hook
- Corbyn, the IRA, and Establishment hypocrisy

Live audio from the 13th May, Stand Up To Racism regional conference in Sheffield, from Cameroon refugee Pride Agbor

Live audio from the 19th May, Derbyshire Needs A Pay Rise public meeting, from Cheryl Pigeon of Unite the Union

Live audio from Tuesday evening's Chesterfield vigil for Manchester, from James Eaden and local Muslim Marouf Sadiq

Solidarity with the people of Manchester, at this difficult time

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