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Radio Resistance (Chesterfield) is a left-wing online broadcast, an antidote to the right-wing propaganda of the mainstream (ie Establishment) broadcasters.
Programmes feature socialist info and music from left-wing recording artists.

News is approx 15 minutes into each broadcast, and is from Socialist Worker newspaper.

Red Guide features info on coming protests, demos, meetings, entertainment or other events of interest to left-wingers in the Chesterfield area.

Pick Of The Strikes features recent and coming strikes.

Direct Action features recent and coming protests and demonstrations.

Following programmes to listen online or for download in mp3 format, to play on your mp3 player, mobile phone etc on the move

Latest broadcast
18th November, 2017

In this week's broadcast:
- Universal Credit - disastrous for claimants
- Speech by Mahella Ashraf at Monday night's Chesterfield Stand Up To
   Racism public meeting
- Preston New Road anti-fracking protest last Saturday
- Speeches from Kirby Misperton anti-fracking protest, on Saturday 4th
- Poland's Nazi march and counter-protests
- the Paradise Papers, and what we've got against the rich
- Speech by Deborah Hodson, at the Edwinstowe
   Charter Of The Forest and Fracking event on Sunday 5th November

Comments and views wanted for our coming discussion on:
When should we boycott prodicts, companies and countries,
and when may it do more harm than good?

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